Question about Application ​Credit API

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Hi! I am planning to leverage ApplicationCredit API to credit merchants for charges and there are several questions that aren't answered in the doc

  • When the credit is applied, will it deduct the amount from the merchant's current invoice? i.e., if a merchant has been charged $100 and a $20 credit is applied. Will they see $80 on their invoice?
  • Will the credit deduct the amount from the used balance of the current billing cycle? i.e., if the capped amount of the subscription is $100 and the merchant has been charged $100. Can we charge the merchant another $20 after a $20 credit is applied?
  • According to the doc, the total amount of all credits requested must not exceed the total amount of pending payouts in the app's Partner account. Does that mean when the payment is made by Shopify and no payout is pending, I can't credit merchants? i.e., if a merchant is chared on 10/1 and pays the bill on 10/2, and the earning for us is paid out on 10/3. Can I still credit the merchant for that 10/1 charge when there is no pending payout?
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