Questions about new Payments Platform

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We are a global payment service provider of Shopify. And we have some questions about the new Payments Platform.
1. In Processing a payment section, when a transaction is completed and we need to response the result to Shopify. 
It only mentions that we can reponse Resolve a Payment or Reject a Payment. 
But if we need to response pending, how should we deal with it? For pre-authorization, we want to response Pending.
2. We see that for new payment platform, whether to choose sale or capture in the portal and authorization depends on the merchant. 
However, currently we want whether a transaction is processing through authorization depends on the payment service provider, instead of depending on the merchant. And after a transaction is authorized, we need to return Pending to the merchant. How should we deal with it?
3. How can we verify the signature during the transaction? 
Currently, we receive an encrypted value but don't know how to authenticate the signature.
4. We see after a transaction request is sent to the us, we cannot find the order in the store based on the id
How can merchant make reconciliation with Oceanpayment? 
What is the unique reference to match the transactions between merchant and the payment service provider?
5. If a shop integrates more than one APP, for example, Credit card app, Klarna app, may I know how should we identify different app?
6. We found your API is still updating now. Could you share your update plan or content to us when there is an update?
In case, we're afraid we may miss some update after we finish development.
Thank you!


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Any updates here? All questions are actual and today.