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Questions about Payouts API

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Anyone out there working with the Payouts API? I had a couple of questions for anyone who's been using it actively (our store is on hold for Payments, but we're looking to lock down the workflows until it's processed).

My question:

  • The Payouts API documentation notes that one of the filters you can apply is the last sync date (date_min), and that it "Filter the response to payouts made inclusively after the specified date.".
  • Knowing that, when a payout is updated (moved between scheduled, in transit and failed) or retried (for failed ones), does it create a new payout, or does it update the existing one? If it's the former, and I ping the API using the "date_min" filter, will it get returned in the response?
  • We could potentially tackle this in our app, but I was wondering if this is possible through the API?


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