Questions related recurring application charge when the mall is frozen

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Hello, I am developing an app with a recurring application charge.

However, tracking frozen state is difficult and there are not enough documents, so I have a few questions.

1. If merchat change Shopify Mall to Pause state, it becomes frozen state, but I understand that the previously charged recurring application charge is paid normally. But, what happens if the payment of the paused mall fails? Does it change to frozen state?

2. What are the best practices for tracking frozen/unfreeze states?
Is the only way to track usage charges that are frozen is still to find out indirectly through the shop/update webhook?

3. What is the clear term for app billing?
For example, if the payment due date is 9/12, will you only be charged for 8/12 - 9/11? If I make 3 unsuccessful payments on September 12th, they will be frozen at midnight that same day, will orders placed before that date still be charged?

4. Lastly, there are revenue shares twice a month, when will each share come in? For example, on February 15th, will the payments from Feburary 1st to January 15th be received?

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