Recurring charges on dormant / frozen / closed stores

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After the recent changes on the recurring charges billing cycles (to prevent double charges), we would like to know if the situation has changed regarding non-active stores.

This is not documented but, as far as we know, this is how recurrent charges behave:

  • Dormant stores: they are charged normally as if they were active stores
  • Frozen / unfrozen stores: they are not charged while the store is frozen but their recurring charge is automatically resumed after the store is unfrozen
  • Closed / re-opened stores: they are not charged while the store is closed but their recurring charge remains cancelled after the store is re-opened

Could you give us more information on this? It is very difficult to test from our side and we have to rely on what merchants and Shopify Support state when they contact us for refunds.

Kind regards,

P. S.: I posted this question originally on the '[Bug fix] Billing API: Double billing charges on reinstall' forum thread but it seems to be unattended now.

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Hey Jose,

Zameer here from the Shopify Developer Experience team.

We've updated our FAQ to include additional information about how different shop state's affect existing recurring application charges.

Hope these clarifications assist in your app development process.

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Hi @Zameer,

Is this information in the FAQ still up to date?

After a shop is closed, all apps become inactive and remain on the store, but all recurring application charges are removed. Partners must create new recurring application charges if the store re-opens.

We found that if the store gets closed the recurring charge only freezes and after re-opening it, the charge gets unfrozen.

One other thing I could not find in the docs. Is the recurring charge's billing_on date shifted by the amount of days the charge was frozen or it stays the same?