Recurring Payments API Shortcoming

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I'm having some issues on my site in regards to the recurring orders API. I'm using Recharge to handle subscriptions and seeing undesired results after the initial order. Here's the situation:

  1. The store has a free shipping threshold of $49
  2. A customer adds a subscription product to cart with a CompareAt price of $49.95 and a subscription price of $39.96 
  3. During initial checkout the correct shipping rates are shown, with NO free shipping option
  4. Customer goes to the manage subscriptions section on our website (injected by Recharge)
  5. Clicks the next upcoming shipment for this product
  6. Subtotal shows $39.96, but shipping is defaulted to FREE Shipping even though it doesn't hit the $49 threshold

Shopify support confirmed what I suspected, which is that the shipping calculations are being based off the CompareAt price and not the discounted subscription price. They also sent the following in an email after doing some digging:

I have cross-checked and can confirm that this looks to be caused by the fact that the Recharge app can only send the information of the variant and the shipping address through API.

Is there some sort of workaround that someone has found? Or is this something that the Shopify Dev Team have on their radar to correct going forward? 

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