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RecurringApplicationChargeId in GraphQL api

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I'm using Partner API for internal reporting. When creating a usage charge, Shopify's Rest API url endpoint requires a recurring_application_charge_id, however, when fetching the same usage charge record via the GraphQL Api, I don't see any way to fetch the associated recurring application charge id in UsageChargeApplied GraphQL API query.

Is there any workaround this? I need to be able to link the usage charge to the recurring subscription.

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When you create the recurring application charge you are getting the Charge ID as a response. At least I am doing it like that. query is the appsubscriptionCreate mutation

For creating usageCharge you will need the appUsageChargeId which is also there in the response.


const response = await client.query({
    data: query,
  const {
      appSubscription: {lineItems},
      appSubscription: {id},
    } =;
  const appUsageChargeId = lineItems[0].id;
  const chargeID = id.split("/")[4];