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We are analyzing the Refund Order API for our use case and following the below documentation


Use case: We want to fetch all the Refunds created after a defined time frame, irrespective of the orders they belong to.


We are using a similar pattern in our Order API, with the following criteria

created_at_min - Show orders created at or after date.


Do we have this functionality available for Refund API?

If not, is there an alternative to know the Refunds created in the system without knowing the Order ID?

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Hi @Lovenishgarg you can trying adding these attribute when you call the order api,

"status=any" => to take all order including archived order

"financial_status=refunded" => to filter order only take in refunded

"processed_at_min=YYYY-MM-DD&processed_at_max=YYYY-MM-DD" => to set defined time frame

eg:- "/admin/api/2021-10/orders.json?status=any&financial_status=refunded&processed_at_min=2021-10-01&processed_at_max=2021-10-02"


Hope this help you.