Refund for same order coming twice with different refundId,but only one time refund placed by user

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2 refunds were downloaded with different refund Ids.
We saved the refund with this API( and here we are getting 2 refunds as the refund is different so we take them in our system as an individual refund with respect to one order. But our customer told us that he had only one refund.
Our lots of customers face the same issue where they cancelled any item from the order and it comes as a refund. Some told that they don't make 2 refunds on the order but still 2 refunds are coming from API even with different refunds.
Please help us on this as in your previous statement, your support told us to use Transaction API with some filter but as we are not using transaction API to download refunds so how can we manage this case with Transaction API.
Please help and guide us as soon as possible so that our customer gets satisfied and happy with the solution.



Webgility Team