Request: Add Comments to Order via API

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Another use case is that our Order Management System and our POS both need to add and remove tags from orders to help our shipping and CS staff in their workflows. Based on tags we have parts of the business segment and handle orders. We can add and remove tags via API, but if we cannot add comments via API, then we have no idea who (person or API) nor when a tag was added. So it makes it a nightmare for end users to know the order timeline of events. So now when we do the API updates to tags, we log them in our database, but then users have to ask Dev for details when researching issues or asking for timeline of tags.

Is this still not possible?

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I don't believe it's available yet. Although you certainly have a good use case. While you could employ metafields to handle "logging" the product tag changes, these wouldn't be easily visible to the endusers in the web UI. 

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Just wanted to chime in that, in the year 2021, this would still be a great feature to add to the REST API.

As it stands, I am sending email confirmations to my customer service team as opposed to logging these changes in the order comments/timeline.

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When will this feature be added? It looks like many members of the community have been waiting for well over a year. 


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+1 on this. The use case is that, I have a backend system which reacts to webhook or schedule and send a custom email notification. I want the system to be able to update the order timeline that the custom email has been sent at what time.

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I also regularly get requests from store owners that want the timeline comments to trigger a webhook (integrating it with the order update webhook would make the most sense I think).

I know plenty of store owners that use the timeline as an essential part of their workflow, if we could have better access as developers we could help more store staff save time and provide a better experience.

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Hi All,


Any update on this. I need the API to update the comments for an Order.





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This would be a very valuable feature for me as well

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+1 We need this for similar reasons to what has already been mentioned.

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This would be a very useful feature for my business as well