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Hi all,

I used js-buy-sdk and created custom cart page. The problem is that I can't give custom cart link to checkout object.

I need 'Return to cart' link in my checkout page which have to return to my custom cart page. I don't have Shopify plus subscription for customize checkout page. 

Do I have any way to add 'Return to cart' link in checkout page? Is client.checkout.create method has something like custom cart link parameter ?



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Hi, this is a great question and I am also searching for an answer!
One idea (seen at https://takearecess.com) , but I dont know how to set it up with liquid is:

  • create a shopify store (only used for redirect, the real action is still in your storefront)
  • create a page in the shopify store that only serves the purpose to redirect to the checkout.
    • extract the checkout id parameter and other necessary information
    • redirect to that specific checkout
  • make all other pages except the checkout page redirect to your storefront
    • when the customer accesses the checkout page from within the shopify store through this redirect page, the "back to cart" should appear.
    • so when the customer clicks on "back to cart" he will be redirected to your storefront

But I don't know how to extract parameters from the URL and redirect internally to the cart with liquid.

Maybe you have an idea and the skills to do so?