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Sales Channel App Scenario

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Hi Experts, 


I am facing a project that still have a doubt if is candidate to a SALES CHANEL app.

A Similar scenario has been discussed in this thread 2 years ago :

But due the long time I would like to confirm some points ...

A Marketplace Operator would like to have an app to turn EASY merchants publish product into MARKETPLACE SITE ...

But in their Business Model ... CONSUMERS will be able to have a CART with products coming from SEVERAL DIFERENT MERCHANTS ... and the Marketplace want to handle the payment part as 

ONE MARKETPLACE ORDER ... can be TURNED into several ORDERS for different MERCHANTS ...

So It seems the app should user ORDER API ... but NOT CHECKOUT API ...

And based on my understanding ... this will turn the app as a NON SALES CHANNEL APP , correct ? 


Best Regards 

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