Sales Oder not creating in shopify

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I am using https://973e290cbbdd3e655ecbce37d9d2b5c5: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@palak-notes.myshopif... API to get customer. But sometimes it gives exception and the reason I get from the CRM support is "On checking from our side, we could see that the URL being invoked is - https://973e290cbbdd3e655ecbce37d9d2b5c5: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@palak-notes.myshopif... - for which it seems like the SSL handshake didn't go through. Hence, we suggest you to check with the URL provider on the SSL status for the URL."

Actually I am creating Sales Order in ZOHO BOOKS and in Shopify through shopify rest API. Most of the time function hit and sales order created in Books and Shopify. But sometimes sales order of one or two customers is not created in 3-4 days.

I have follow the REST API and integrating it in ZOHO CRM. 

Please check the issue.




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