Server Side Rendering vs Single Page Application

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I am just getting started with Shopify APIs, so I apologize if this is a trivial question.

I was debating whether I should use a regular Single Page Application (SPA) like React / Vue or use a Server-Side Rendered (SSR) like Next.js / Nuxt? I am planning to build an admin page for the merchants to configure liquid templates in their shop's themes. Since the admin app can be viewed only after a merchant logs in, can I ignore any SEO considerations and get away with an SPA? It would be easier to implement, deploy and maintain in my opinion.

My question originated from the . Is there any benefit in using an SSR that I am not seeing?

Thank you for an amazing community and excellent documentation.

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Thanks for your post and I also was wondering the same. Unless I am missing something, the loading times when switching/reloading pages is too long and I am working out how to consolidate my app to a single page. I followed the React / Node Tutorial as well and noticed the lag when moving from the ResourceList to the Annotated-Layout page.