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Shipping data missing from FulfillmentService data

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We are working with a partner to develop an app working as a FulfillmentService. They need to run this application, but due do GDPR regulations and general liability concerns we can't allow them full access to the shop. FulfillmentService seems ideal for this, it does the proper filtering and gives them the data that they need and no more, except we can't seem to get them shipping data.

shipping_lines are missing entirely, and they need to have our carrier, shipping method, and amount paid for shipping and customs declerations.

I can't find any way to get this data as just a FulfillmentService. I saw a post ( that referenced the same problem and solved it by listening to order/payment. We can't grant that permission to the app, it would grant it too much visibility.

I'm very confused, this feels like it must be a feature. I don't understand how a FulfillmentService can fulfill anything without having the customer selected and paid for shipping method available. What am I missing?

Thank you!

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