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Hello, we would like some clarification on stripe integration with shopify.


We are trying to allow users to choose to store their payment information on checkout in order to reuse it in future checkouts in our sales channel app.


We are currently using one-time tokens as described in [1] but this prevents us from reusing the payment information.

On that same page [1] it says that "If you've already tokenized the customer's credit card and created a customer in your Stripe platform account, then you can send the customer id from your platform account instead of sending the card information"

We have the following questions:


1. The above documentation suggests that we are able to use stripe customers instead of tokenized cards in the exact same way in the API described, but it is unclear on whether we are alllowed to use multi-use stripe sources (instead of one-use tokens) attached to said customers. Are we able to attach multi-use Sources to stripe customers and use them in the way described in the linked documentation?


2. Is the above API the way recommended by shopify to allow buyers to store payment info on checkout? We are building a sales mobile app sales channel.



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Brian, I'm also interested in this. Have you learned anything since September?

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Has this question been answered? I'm also facing this problem

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I am also facing this problem, it would be great to get some answers from shopify when it comes to this stripe integration

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We have the same issue. Could anyone solve it?