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Shopify API Does Not Reflect eBay Order Shipping Tax Lines

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Hello Everyone!

This is the first time I’m posting a question here in this forum. 

Just to give you all a background story, we are using Dear Inventory System as our main inventory control centre for inventory, orders, finances etc. Shopify is connected to the system via Shopify API. And basically, any orders that comes to Shopify will be synced to Dear inventory in every hour will the all information in it. 

We have also connected our eBay store to Shopify via eBayLink app. Recently, we have realised that some of the orders that sync from Shopify shows the shipping fee tax lines as $0. We charge GST on shipping fee but this is not reflected in Dear inventory as Shopify API does not show any value in the shipping tax lines.

Surprisingly, specifically, the orders that comes to Shopify from eBay are the ones that does not show shipping tax line values. We had a long chat with eBay experts and they confirmed that all the order that goes to Shopify has got the shipping tax line value with the correct amount but when it’s syncing to Dear, the tax lines amounts are not showing. 

As an example, Dear Inventory developers sent us the below screenshot of one of the Shopify orders backend codes, which clearly shows the shopping tax line does not have any value:














So, we believe it’s something to do with Shopify API. We have been in touch with all three parties (eBay, Shopify, Dear Inventory) and none of the were able to figure this out. 

Since these tax lines were not shown in Dear, Dear has been recording our sales in Xero as GST Free for shipping amounts and this has put us in a trouble for ATO since these sales don’t reflect the GST amounts accurately. 

So I’m hoping for any experts out here in forum to share their thoughts on what we can do here and hopefully locate a solution. 

Your help is much appreciated! 


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