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Shopify API Leaky bucket algorithm for dev store

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We are getting "429 Too Many requests" after processing very few orders in the Dev Shopify store via the API. 

Also, we see that the header "X-Shopify-Shop-Api-Call-Limit" is returned the value as "1/40" and the Retry-After header is also not returned in the response. Please respond to us with, how this leaky bucket algorithm will work exactly in Dev store vs Prod store.


kindly share your inputs. Thanks!


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It has two limitations on the API:

of 40 calls per minute and 2 calls per second

(if the store is plus this limit doubles to 80 calls per minute and 4 calls per second)

I had a problem using node referring to asynchronism using the call stack that made the calls all be in the same second even putting a setinterval or creating delay because each new call went to another thread maybe you are having a problem exceeding 2 calls per minute the ideal is to create a queue and call based on the time of the last call so as not to make an error 429