Shopify Api or Cart json have bug

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I have found a bug in Shopify API or I think it is a bug of Shopify cart JSON.

The detail of bug is - When we use product variant API 

Suppose We have built a custom page for extra pricing depend on the extra options like pricing will increase when the user selects options in that conditions. Shopify checkout is not offering developers to add extra prices on any product variants.  So I have used product variant API like when users select options and click on add cart on the function of that button I have use product variant API and in real-time I have created a new variant in the product for the new price. After adding the new variant in the cart then when we go to the checkout it works perfectly but when we go on the cart page it shows the blank product in a cart row.  

This means the bug is new variants when we create from the API and in real-time when we add that product to the cart. then we go on the cart page then the product will not show. After some time of reloading the product will show on the cart page. ( I think this is the bug if Cart JSON Data ).

I have request to Shopify that please solve this bug

Thank you

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Hey @AakashInfoTech ,

I'd like to take a look at this - do you have any demonstrations of the issue that we can review? A screencast or active/test shop of yours that we can see it on?

Graham S | API Support @ Shopify
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I've seen many related threads talking about the same issue. But there is no follow-up at all. I think that it triggers a task working at the backend. A related thread here:

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