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Hey! My name is Caleb and i am struggling over a problem.

So right now, whenever an order is created, it sends a webhook to my api and my api gets that data, and sends it to another app. The other app is our main order management platform. This second management platform handles all of our finances, jobs, etc. This is extremely helpful since we do screen-printing, embroidery, and more.

My problem though is when a customer in shopify pays with a gift card AND credit card, the data that Shopify's api gives me only shows them paying with a credit card. No note of them using a gift card and a credit card. One option i was looking into is a part of the data in Shopify's API Request called "note_attributes". I think that if I can somehow find an app that can just tell me in the note_attributes that they used a gift card + credit card, then my problem might be fixed. I am hoping to find a fix around to this rather soon, so if anybody knows of any apps, or anything that would be helpful feel free to respond or reach out!


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Hi @caleb0702 Can you let me know what Webhook topic you has used?