Shopify App Bridge Rails App Error

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I am creating a Shopify app using Ruby on Rails. Actually, I want to use Shopify Toasts for my App. For this purpose, I am following this guide . 

But Unable to make it work when I check in the console everything looks fine then this error comes up.







If anyone had this issue please help me resolve this. I am creating a Ruby on Rails Shopify app not React. 

Host, shopOrigin everything I am providing like this:

var AppBridge = window['app-bridge'];
var actions = window['app-bridge'].actions;
var createApp = AppBridge.default;
var app = createApp({
apiKey: 'f558d070d3f8e1b0ba4c25cd633e3d6c',
shopOrigin: 'https://<%= Shop.last.shopify_domain%>',

var TitleBar = actions.TitleBar;
var Button = actions.Button;
var Redirect = actions.Redirect;
var breadcrumb = Button.create(app, { label: 'My breadcrumb' });
breadcrumb.subscribe(Button.Action.CLICKfunction() {
app.dispatch(Redirect.toApp({ path: '/breadcrumb-link' }));

var titleBarOptions = {
title: 'My page title',
breadcrumbs: breadcrumb

var myTitleBar = TitleBar.create(apptitleBarOptions);
P.S: The above code is for creating button in navigation menu and this is also not working. 
Will be waiting for support, Thanks
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