Shopify App only able to pull 50 orders

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Our app is only able to pull 50 orders at a time from Shopify. Our devs say they are unable to pull more than 50 orders because Shopify won't let them. Is that true? Is there a max # of orders Shopify allows apps to download? 

$shopify = \Shopify::retrieve('DOMAIN_NAME', 'STORE_TOKEN');
$shopifyOrders = $shopify->get('orders');
"We are using this order endpoint to get orders, so ask to support that which is the other endpoint using which we can get all the orders for the store"
This is our code above. Could you please let us know which is the endpoint to get all the orders? Right now, we are only able to pull 50 orders from each store which is an issue

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By default the limit is 50. You can specify a max of 250, but you probably need to use pagination to make sure you cover off all scenarios.

Here are some links:

HTH, Gavin.