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Shopify.checkout object on order status page does not reflect changes to the shipping address

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I encountered the following behaviour on the order status pages Shopify.checkout object that looks faulty to me.
On the Order Status page there is the Shopify.checkout object that reflects the order.
If you change the shipping_address of that order in the Shopify Admin this change will not be reflected in the Shopify.checkout object it will still have the original value.
The weird thing is that the shipping address displayed on the page is the correct one (not the original one)
How to replicate:
- Checkout a product in a test store
    - use the same shipping and billing address
    - we used for both:
        Sträßchensweg 10
        2. Etage links
        53313 Bonn
- In Shopify Admin open this order and change the shipping address to a different address
    - we used:
        Heinrich-Bruening-Strasse 18
        53113 Bonn
- Reopen the order status page via the "more actions" "View order status page" link in the Shopify Admin
- open the browser console and type "Shopify.checkout.shipping_address"
=> On the page you see the new shipping address (the corrected) one
=> In the console you see the old shipping address
Expected behavior:
My expectation would be that the new shipping address would be reflected in the Shopify.checkout.shipping_address object
Is there a reason why this is not the case?
is there a way to get the new address via js?
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