Shopify -> Marketplace: Stripe, PaymentIntents, store/product syncing, transactional fees

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I have built a B2C marketplace using Stripe's Connect platform. I currently use Stripe PaymentIntents ( to collect customer payments; through the Stripe Connect platform I collect a per-transaction % fee, and the bulk of the payment goes to the business.

Now, I am looking to provide a seamless integration to get Shopify stores/products into my marketplace. I gather that I need a Shopify public app (maybe a sales channel app)? The examples I have seen don't seem to cover using Stripe's PaymentIntents API, which are the future for dealing with regulatory/authentication requirements, which Stripe's Charges API does not handle.

Looking forward to figuring this stuff out, to work better in an international, future-proof way.

My objectives:

  • receive per transaction % fee
  • potentially charge an app monthly/annual fee (maybe)
  • provide simple marketplace onboarding experience for Shopify stores: automatically create/sync marketplace presence and products
  • be future proof for SCA (see regulation

I'm happy to engage with Shopify's APIs to simplify this process (which is the whole point of posting here!)

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