Shopify inside an Iframe - Blocked autofocusing on a <input> element in a cross-origin subframe.

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We have developed a store for one of our customers, they insist on running the store within their app (so an Iframe)

when reading on the forums it was mentioned that this will only work if


1. the frame and subframe are in the same domain (it is, the main shopify domain is now the customer domain URL)

2. Shopfy support disable the clickjacking protection that is default for any stores since 2017. Shopify support have disabled this on the account.


I am still getting the same result when trying to interact with the shop in the iframe

Blocked autofocusing on a <input> element in a cross-origin subframe.

Does anyone have any idea what else is missing or is there another alternative  to running the shopify store inside a frame

thank you in advance

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hii, @f4ntecsupport 
Provide me your store URL and a perfect screenshot so,
I can see your problem and give you proper solution.
Thank you.

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