Shopify Payment App - Refund when authorization transactions are not supported

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Since our payment app only supports “sale” mode, which means that once the customer submits the payment, the order must be registered in Shopify Store with status “Paid“. If the merchant has the store set to perform Manual Captures, the order will be registered with status “Authorized” instead “Paid“ and that is an inconsistency since in our records the payment was registered to the customer.

In addition to this inconsistency, the main issue is that the merchant will not be able to refund payments since the Refund option is only available for orders with status “Paid”.

To change the order status from “Authorized” to “Paid” and allow merchants to perform a refund, the merchant needs to make a capture request, but we don’t have that interface since our payment method don’t support payment authorization, so we are stuck here.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

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