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Shopify Shipping Rates via API

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Hi we use Shopify Stores as a front end to our SAP back end.   SAP is the master data. 

We need all shipping rates at checkout time  to be posted into our shipping section in SAP.

Reason?   Taxes.   We have tax liabilities in many states; and as you may already know, taxes are supposed to be calculated based on 

a. Liability zip

b. Ship to zip

c. County tax rules (1. item type and tax;  2 shipping may be taxed)

d,  hq zip,

It's all fairly convoluted (thank you Uncle Sam).   We need this info posted into our ERP.

How do we get shipping rates for each order - at the time of checkout. and how do we send the right tax figures back? 

For a variety of reasons we cannot use 3rd party apps.  So this must be done via direct integration.  We expect to use a Custom App for each of our divisions. 

Let us say 

1. Shipping is free for orders more than $200

2. The shipping companies used are Fedex and USPS and each has two shipping methods. 


Lets say in one order we have $100 and the buyer selects USPS  & shipping method 2 (this rate will be dynamically calculated from USPS and presented at the time of the checkout) - we need this info in our ERP


Let's say the 2nd order is $400 (i.e., shipping free) we need this info as well.


What apis do we need? 


Are there any special hoops we need to jump to get such api access? 


Kind regards


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we got that function available for SAP integrated with several ecommerce platforms. Shopify is one of them, so from within SAP you can get "automatically" the best option posible to ship your goods. We are an SAP company dedicated to help growing ecommerce operation companies and 3PL for ecommerce. We would love to help! Regards,