Shopify Subscriptions API Creating Multiple Fulfillment Orders?

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I'm asking in this forum, as opposed to the Subscriptions API forum, because I'm not working directly with the Subscriptions API. We've run into an issue recently where an order with 3 line items was split into 2 fulfillment orders: the first fulfillment order has a single line item, which is not tied to any subscription services or apps, while the other fulfillment order has 2 line items, both of which are tied to a subscription service. All products/variants in question are tied to the same fulfillment location. This appears to have begun around May because similar orders placed in February and before were all created as we would expect, with all the order line items in a single fulfillment order. 

I've been digging through the change log to see if there was any mention of fulfillment orders being split up in this manner, but I'm not seeing anything along those lines. I see several changes pertaining to subscriptions and fulfillment orders, but no mention of splitting orders in this manner. Could someone tell me if there's been some change that maybe wasn't documented, or if I perhaps missed a section of the documentation that details this new behavior?

Kyle B.
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