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Silent authenticate customer via Shopify API

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We have set up a Shopify store for our brand. We have users already logged into our web app and our mobile app. Our goal is to manage the whole user journey under a single authentication (that being our web app and mobile app login). When the user then visits the store section in the web app and the mobile app, the app should silently login to the Shopify store with the same credentials of their existing accounts.

For this, I found that we can create a new customer here. My questions are:

1. Is this the correct way of managing the users?
2. Is it a good practice to manage users this way?
3. What are the scopes needed to use this endpoint?

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I have the same problem)
even more: the best option for me is somehow to authentificate users in Shopify with existing credentials from a mobile app (because user can change credentials in the future..)

so I have few questions:
1) did you managed with your workflow?
2) can you advice solution for my workflow?

thnx in advice!