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'Since_ID=' returning empty JSON

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Hi everyone,

I am having an issue, when I using the since_id parameter, it returns empty JSON.

I currently have a total of 804 ACTIVE products on my store, it works for the first page, the second page but then the third page returns blank.

It pulls the first 437 active products (including variants) but when I pass the last product id for product 437, it does not work.

Below is the GET request I'm using: + product_lastID

If anyone could possibly help me or point me to the right direction, that would be great!

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Figured it out, for anyone else having the same issue, I used the response header links to paginate through all the products instead of using 'Since_ID='

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You should select all types





Also since_id do not handle blanks, so half of your orders should not have Ids


You can export CSV file and check where is a problem