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As a disclaimer I am pretty new to the whole API world, as well as new to coding.. However there seems to be quite a few black holes I've gone down with the Shopify API.. Its frustrating, like a mosquito bite in the middle of your back. No fun..

So I thought I would start a list of all the holes I've gone down to lessen the time other folks spend in these same holes. By no means is this an exhaustive list, just a start Here goes:

  1. This is a doozy, there are no products without a variant. Meaning to create a product, you have to create a product AND a variant.
  2. The Images field is the only field that is an ARRAY. Everything else that I could tell is a string. Including price.
  3. The Variants field.. When creating a new product, with NO variants, and just the one variant you need to make it a product, you have to change VARIANTS to VARIANT.. yea..
  4. The above errors will NOT generate an error from the API, @errors will be blank, you'll just have figure it out.
  5. I'm using the Rails Shopify_App gem, and basically none of the methods supplied help generate and store the permanent token.
  6. Don't supply the Product or Variant "id" field. It will fail. This is a Shopify generated field.
  7. Even though there are atleast two options for "Fulfillment service" on the Shopify Front End, it appears as if the only option on the API is "Manual" according to the API doc's - "fulfillment_service: Service who is doing the fulfillment. Valid values are: manual".. Ok, figured out the other default option is "amazon_marketplace_web".

Love to hear what other folks have experienced.
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