snippets was not rendered, the associated app was uninstalled

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I'm just getting reports from some of my users that this message is appearing in their code after they uninstall my app.

<!-- "snippets/doSomething.liquid" was not rendered, the associated app was uninstalled -->

I can't find any documentation on this outside of this thread -

  • When was this rolled out?
  • What other changes come along with this?
  • Can we sign up for an exception?
  • Merchants don't know their UI could be broken when they uninstall an app that loads snippet

Stopping snippets from rendering can cause negative impacts on a merchants store as soon as they uninstall, breaking the UI.

There is no notification to the merchant at the time of uninstall that their store front can be broken if they uninstall

These is no API for an app to clean up after an uninstall.

Help please 🙂


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Hey @JoshHighland 

Would it be possible to obtain an example non rendering snippet, together with your app name? We can surely take a look into this for you. 

If there's any examples from the preceding ~14 days that would be great - thanks!

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Hey Shopify team - I also noticed this today. 

My use case is that I have a development Shopify instance that mirrors the production - but third parties cannot support having two shopify accounts + one app account (specifically recharge)

I need my development store to render the snippets despite the app not being installed. 


So I figured there was an associated ID of the snippet to the not installed app, and if I just deleted the original and created a new one that was renamed there would be no association with the uninstalled app. This was not the case. It seems that the snippet namespace is now owned by an app. This seems.... not good.