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Some problems with app development

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Hello, our team had build a Shopify-APP, and we will return the order number to our server on the shopify [payment successful] page. Then check the order details through the shopify API.

But if we place the same 2 orders, the same SKU gets [Order No. 1] and [Order No. 2], and then query through the Shopify order API, [Order No. 2] will response that it does not exist.


Now we track and record orders through JS, there will be orders lost, which is not conducive to settlement, so whether Shopify official can provide API-based order tracking and recording methods. and we want to know if shopify order API have provide the ability which can let us mark our users, like feedback our customized parameters


Looking forward to reply

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi @valueq_affilate ,


I am not sure I quite understand what the problem is that you are facing? Would you mind re-explaining your issue again with more information? Perhaps if you can provide the list of API calls your app is making and help indicate which calls are failing and when. Also are you seeing any errors being returned by the Shopify API? (e.g. 422, 404, 500, etc.) If so, could you please provide the value of the X-Request-ID header from the Shopify API response

Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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