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Stacked Discounts coming?

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Anyone from Shopify Staff please let us know if the Stacked Discounts feature is nearby, so we can plan ourselves?

Asking this because just found multiple discounts returning in Admin Order API, with GET Specific Order API.

Can we hope this feature will finally arrive soon? If so any tentative date/month?

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Yes! I am working on enticing window shoppers or customers who haven't purchased in awhile and would like to offer them an additional discount as an incentive. However, I have an automatic discount in place (Buy x Get Y), and they cannot use both so they will be losing out on the incentive. This seems like it would be a common situation and would be a basic function, so it is disappointing that Shopify doesn't allow it, especially considering how many other features are avaialable. It also seems that it is something that people have been asking about for years.

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It's something we really really need. I'm surprised it hasn't been available yet. How do people work around this to do free shipping + discount?

I feel like if consumers use a discount code they expect free shipping as part of that.

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@mauiswim57 The simplest way free shipping + discount was normally handled was by creating a shipping rate that is free. Or on plus stores using checkout-scripts.


But that was before now, 

Shopifys announced combinable discounts in early access as part of shopify editions

Devs will also want to take a look at Shopify Functions in dev mode of edtions: 


For discussion I've created an overview post of the early access feature in the new editions board with a breakdown and links , also in my signature for easy access 😉 

Finally Combinable Discounts - EARLY ACCESS ONLY - Use Free Shipping With Other Discounts

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