Store Migrations - Wanting to call external API for inventory management

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Hi Shopify,

I'm Vinh Ngo, a Junior Programmer from Brand Services, I'm logging in on behalf of Mr. Sean Morley - who owns the site 

We have a platform that supports warehouse, stock, inventory management. Our client, Mr. Sean, wants his Shopify site to use our API for inventory management.
So now we would love to learn how to create a plugin that supports calling our API from Shopify sites. 

What would be your suggestion for us to start out?
FYI, our platform is C# based. We would love to know if we can develop a Shopify plugin with C# or any language requirement we should know. 

Please let us know any resources in this regard, it would be more than great if we have a generic solution for future customers like Sean.

Best regards,