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Does anyone know of an application (external or otherwise) that allows a configurable dashboard of store statistics? I'm looking to have a tablet/display mounted to the wall in our work area that provides information such as: number of open orders, sales (for day, week, etc), active webpage viewers, etc. I was considering trying to code my own but am not very familiar with the Shopify API. If not, any advice on how might be the best way to go about creating something like this? I've taking a preliminary look at the API and was a bit confused on which ones to use for this time of information.

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I see 3 ways:

1. Use pre-configured API as a Service such as Supermetrics, Fivetran or so with Cloud storage such as Big Query or Azure with an appropriate BI tool

2. Check some reporting apps in the store

3. build your own solution as a project

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Blulish Insights may be a good fit! It shows you the profit, quantity, items sold analytics.





Blulish Insights ( - Real-time Dashboard on your sales, orders and products.