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Storefront API: custom returned url

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I'm currently using the Storefront API to build an e-commerce based on a web-app (Next.js, so React). 

To make a payment, I get the `webUrl` field with a graphQL mutation. 

My purchase module is Vivawallet. When I close the purchase, I don't have a return button. 

Ideally, I would like to be able to create a `returned_url` to ''.

Please note that the site is not hosted on Shopify but via an external server. So I don't want a return to ''.


Thanks to you 🙂 

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Hey @michaeltheodore ! 🙂 Any idea on this one? 

Many thanks! 

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Can I see the Vivawallet code snippet?

Also a screenshot.

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@michaeltheodore Hello, sorry I never seen your response... Sorry again. 

There is no code snippet, it's the VivaWallet's Shopify module. I just use the 'webUrl' to redirect the user to payment interface. 

I want to be able to redirect the user to a custom url '', something like that.


I have another question, is it possible to use VivaWallet API using Storefront API? I mean, bypasss the VW's shopify module and use the VivaWallet API? 

If not, is there a way to save the credit card of a user? Because Vivawallet module does not offer the possibility of saving the credit card of a user. 


Many thanks for your help!