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StorefrontAccessToken "App must be extendable"?

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I'm trying to access the Storefront API. I've changed my app to be a sales channel and now I'm trying to create a StorefrontAccessToken. When I try to create the token, I get a 403 error that says "App must be extendable to create a storefront access token."


How do I make my app extendable?

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Hi @shopcam 


Make sure that your all follows all requirements of being a channel :

Sounds like either your app is not embedded, or you are requesting the wrong type of scope. Are you creating a sales channel for a marketplace or other channel, or looking to interact with the Storefront API for your own website? 

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Hi @vix 

We are trying to fetch storeaccesstoken and ours is not a sales channel, but want to interact with StoreFront API for own external ecommerce website. Any suggestions on how to get this so that we can create shopify checkout weburl?

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Did you get any solution for this? I am having the same issue