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I have a client who sells digital goods via a Shopify site. Because they sell digital goods they cannot use Shopify payments, and currently use Stripe payments (this is built into the Shopify seller dashboard as an option).

They would also like chargeback protection from Stripe, but in order to get this Stripe requires implementation of their "New Checkout" ( However, I'm not sure that is possible to integrate with Shopify.

I was wondering if anyone has done this before?

Is this possible with the Hosted Payment SDK?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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An update:


I've had several developers tell me that while it may be possible, it would cause your customers to checkout on a completely separate website than your store. As a result, you would need to build out a backend to manage mapping the Shopify cart items to items in a separate database to populate the Stripe checkout with. Additionally, you would also lose out on Shopify analytics because your orders would no longer be tracked by Shopify, unless you also build out the backend to create and fulfill these orders on Shopify after the customer checks out on Stripe.

So you're looking at a hacky solution at best.

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the solution to this is using bold checkout with stripe integration (i think)