Temporary Review Suspension - Any Recourse?

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My app was recently rejected for the 3rd time and I've been suspended from submitting until March 4th. I really don't feel that this rejection was fair and I'm wondering if there's any way to dispute the rejection and potentially remove the suspension? I have customers who are eagerly awaiting our app so this is an unfortunate situation for my business.

A bit of information about the rejection reasons:

  1. Resolve errors to allow merchants to access your app from the app index page. See [redacted screenshot] for additional details. We got the same loading page when accessing the app from app index.

  2. Resolve issues that are returning errors after authenticating with OAuth on install to comply with our requirements. See this [redacted screencast] for additional details. We got an endless loading page.

Upon investigation I saw that all installation attempts were for stores that are not serviced by my application. My app was configured in the listing with the following geographic requirements (Singapore and Indonesia only):

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.55.01 PM.png

Yet, the store tester tested with three stores:

1. raks-items.myshopify.com

  • Country: "AL"
  • Currency: "USD"
  • Address1: "21544 47th Ave, Bayside, New York, 11361, United States."

2. rubicktest1.myshopify.com

  • Country: "GB"
  • Currency: "GBP"

3. day1teststore102.myshopify.com

  • Country: "AR"
  • Currency: "ARS"

What was the Shopify tester expecting to happen here? While I could have shown an error page (which would have been more graceful), I did not think this situation was possible. When I read the Shopify guidelines:

"You can restrict the installation of your app to merchants who:

  • have a business address in a specific country or countries
  • ship to a specific country or countries
  • accept a specific currency or currencies."

Furthermore the docs mention the following about these restrictions

You can specify which merchants can install your app by setting the install requirements in the app submission form. By adding install requirements in the app submission form, you can reduce the number of uninstalls and negative reviews related to merchant eligibility for your app.

To me, the aforementioned documentation means that setting these installation restrictions will prevent the app from being installable on stores that do not meet the requirements as set out in the app listing. Have I misunderstood the documentation? 

Even still, I find it quite harsh to have been suspended for this. I explicitly state my allowed countries both in the listening and in my testing, and yet the tester failed me (and suspended me) because I did not handle shops that did not meet my app's criteria. 

In case it matters, my first rejection felt mostly fair because I had missed a few things like not toggling off the Embedded app support and the GDPR hooks. They also made us change our icon because we can't have text in it (the only text was the name of our company).

But the second rejection was due to my app having a manual onboarding process which I did not see as a requirement in the app guidelines. I provided the tester with valid test accounts for the application but he wanted:

  1. Provide a test consultation of the app that we can use to be able to test the app UI. Let's say that we are already contacted by the specialist and have the access to UI once we install the app. We have to test it more as a merchant, not just as a customer.

Part of our onboarding experience involves creating a custom branding for our customers, and this branding is not fully automated. Furthermore, I don't know how I could have pre-enrolled a shopify shop for the tester when no shops were specified here to pre-enroll. My internal system requires a link between our representation of a shop and the actual shop + access token.

As a solution, I spent the last week pushing ahead our auto-onboarding feature many months ahead (in terms of our priority roadmap). The tester could have auto-enrolled an Indonesian store or a Sinaporean store and the app would work.  

My worst fear here is that I have to wait two more weeks here to resubmit and that, upon resubmission, some new failure occurs and I'm suspended for an even longer time. I've been working very hard on this app and I want to do whatever it takes to meet Shopify's guidelines. It's my first app on the Shopify store and I'm trying my best.

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That's really frustrating. Have you also tried reaching out to Partner support via the partner dashboard support link?

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I think it is very cool how you have articulated the difficulty in this process. Well done. I have experienced much of the same frustration. The App Review process is like going to the dentist for a root canal.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I just opened a ticket and am hoping for the best. I am hopeful that someone at Shopify will recognize that this was a simple misunderstanding and will review my app again in good faith. 

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As an update, my opened ticket was answered a business day later. The Apps Review team was contacted, and they realized that they had tested without following my stores geographic restrictions. The suspension was removed, and I was assured that the correct regional requirements will be used on next review.

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Thanks for the update, good to know there is still some justice in this world.

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Can you help with this issue ?

Resolve errors to allow merchants to access your app from the app index page