Too Many Requests Fatal error

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Hello, I have a plugin connected with a marketplace, I have 1020 product in my list. I can synchronize product by product or massive syncrone sending 50 products.

I have two issue or blockers.

1- When I send more than 50 product I receive an error "PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'ShopifyApiException' with message 'Too Many Requests" , sometimes I can send 63 products and sometimes for the same number I receive the error message.

2- I need like index per product, for example , my list is a list of 1020 products, when I send from 1 to 50 (using like an input to send "limit" value equal to 50) first ones, but I didn't find a way to start from 51st product to 100 for example and then from 101 to 150 , etc.

Anyone have an idea how we can proceed.

I've tried to use since_id thinking that is the latest id called the number 50 for example then I've tried to use it to start from 51st product but doesn't work.

Thanks a lot for your help I'm newby in shopify.

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java2dev, it sounds like you're hitting the Shopify rate limit. You'll need to take this into account / check for the requests remaining in the response header. See here for details:

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