Total Usage Charges amount not added in Payout

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We have a Shopify app with a plan where we will take 0.75% of the clients orders based on some criteria. We have implemented this by creating a new Usage Charge once a Order comes in. So in a month there will be multiple Usage Charges created for a client. Any problem with adding multiple Usage Charges or we can add only one Usage Charge in 30 days?

We are facing an issue with multiple Usage charge design. For a client X, the first usage charge was created on July 18, 2021 with an amount of $0.38 and its available in next Payout. But for all the other Usage Charges created after July 18, 2021 with different amounts, if I check the Usage Charge details(from the app logs) its showing the details of July 18 usage charge description and amount. Why is it not showing the description and amount of the clicked Usage Charge also in the Payouts I'm expecting the total of all Usage charges created for the client. But its showing only the $0.38 amount. 

Why is it not showing total amount in Payout?


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