Tracker/cookie consent, Shopify built-in trackers, and Consent Tracker API

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I'm working on integrating a consent management platform like OneTrust into a Shopify store and I'm wondering how to best integrate it with Shopify. I'm aware of the preferences and privacy settings in the admin.

From other forum posts, they link to the Consent Tracker API, which looks like an all-or-nothing blanket consent.

I believe some EU countries law lean towards using opt-in per category/purpose be provided rather than a blanket consent ("analytics" for GA, "advertising" for FB Pixel, etc.), so I'm not sure why Consent Tracker API isn't more granular.

I tried understanding Shopify's obfuscated tracker code, like how it integrates Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and it looks like they don't load at all until consent is provided. Is that correct? 

Are there any pointers or examples of others that have successfully integrated consent management? Maybe an app that has already properly figured this out?

Does Shopify have plans to integrate Google's relatively new "Consent Mode" into their built-in trackers? Is there an idea of a timeline?

Would Shopify's built-in Google Analytics maybe work with Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) so that at least measurement hits aren't completely lost?

Thanks for any helpful info or pointers!

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I am also looking for Shopify to fix this as well since I ran into the same issue with OneTrust. Currently, Shopify's Consent API prevents all sites from correctly implementing a category-based cookie. Let me know if there is a work-around solution to this - I have been searching forever.