tracking_company list - Does it exist ?

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Looking at previous discussions it would appear that there is no list of valid tracking companies.  However the documentation indicates that there is such a list

If you are creating a fulfillment for a supported carrier, you can simply send the tracking_company, and tracking_numbers and Shopify will generate the tracking_urlfor you. If creating a fulfillment for an unsupported carrier (not in the tracking_company list) send the tracking_companytracking_numbers and tracking_urls fields.

Should I believe the documentation or should I believe previous discussions on this issue ?  ( I don't know which is most recent.  The previous questions or the documentation)

Maybe I am asking the wrong question.  Is there a list of "supported carrier"s ?


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For anyone else who finds this.  Go to this page and scroll down slowly from the top.  You will shortly find the list.  I missed this and was also annoyed to find there is no direct link to this list.

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for anyone still stuck... click 'show hidden fields' within the Fulfillment Object section, then click 'show tracking_company properties.'