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Trying to install CLI but when I use the live few, it just takes me to my 404 page

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Brand new to Shopify development, I'm trying to make videos to take people along with me and hopefully teach some people on the way

I can't seem to get CLI to work properly, when I do the live view @ it just takes me to my 404 page

Also when I copy the "edit your theme here" from the CLI, it takes me to a different theme ID to the one I am expecting to be editing


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I'm having a similar problem, although I don't even get as far as a 404 page.

When I visit i get an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message.

I've tried on two different machines. Everything else, (the theme preview and theme editor links) seems to be working. 

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I am having the same problem! I keep getting a 404 page when trying to preview and I'm not sure if it's something in my code or to do with Shopify. Have you managed to fix this since you posted?