Unlisted app testing. Web scraper needs to bypass password page of development store.

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Hi we are developing a shopify app for the first time. The app is unlisted and not submitted for approval yet.

We have a web scraper that refers to  https://storename.myshopify.com/products.json to get the list of all products, brands, etc from the storefront. We know that there is a shopify API to get this info but we have used web scraper since we already have the functionality ready and tested on a shopify manager store.


Scraper needs to bypass the password screen of development store to reach the url. We know that buying a paid plan for development store removes the password page but we can do this since installing unlisted apps make the store as "transfer disabled". "Transfer disabled" stores cant be upgraded to paid plan.

So we are unable to bypass password page and hence unable to test web scraper. 

A shopify partner support person said that even the app approvers test with a password enable development store. If thats true, we wont be able to pass the approval process.


Can anyone help us to find a way to test web scraper of unlisted app on a development store?

Is there a way to test unlisted app on a password disabled dev store or a managed store?

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