Update store page with GraphQL?

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Is there any way to create and update pages with GraphQL?  I see references to OnlineStorePage in the GraphQL Admin API and Page in the GraphQL Storefront API.  Using the Storefront API I'm able to query for a list of pages as well as find a specific page id by handle, but I don't see any mutations related to pages for updating or creating.  Am I missing something?

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Hey @rjacobson ,


The Shopify GraphQL Admin API currently does not support the ability to modify, update, or create pages, assets, and themes. Currently if you are looking to utilize this functionality, you will still need to use the Shopify REST Admin API:





I would keep an eye out on the Shopify release notes and change logs to see if this ever changes in the future: 



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It has been over a year since the least reply to this. Any update on getting pages via graphQL?

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 Do need this for bulk operations on pages/blog posts etc 😞