Upload Image through CSV - failed to download. File not found.

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Hello everyone,

Right now I am facing a problem: I have around 15k images to import and shopify isn't being able to download them and shows the following error: "Validation failed: Image http://img.pccomponentes.com/articles/36/364231/1365-asus-rog-strix-g513ih-hn008-amd-ryzen-7-4800h-1... failed to download. - file not found. Check that file can be found at your URL.

I'm trying to import them through a CSV, what I'd like to know is if by using shopify's API the problem would still stand, is the process through which shopify downloads the images the same on CSV and API?

I noticed websites like outlook.com can actually access the images in the link and show a image's preview in the email where I send the link, so I'm guessing that the server where the images are hosted has shopify blacklisted in some way.

Any work around? I am also wondering if a script that downloads the files and imports them through shopify's API would work: can the 'src' parameter be a local path to the file? 

Best regards,

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Hi Benny

When you open that image in a browser it comes up with message checking browser so looks like the host has specific permissions set for displaying images. It might be denying the requests from a csv import as the images are not being pulled from a browser.

Also note for the CSV import to work for images it requires read and write permissions to be available on the folder in the file server.

You can do a test by uploading one of the images to a separate host that has correct permissions and compare.



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