UPS On Call API Change?

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Hi, all, I have next to know knowledge of APIs so my apologies if this is a bit of a silly question. 

Our store has been using UPS On-Call Pickup for ages, and always scheduled it for the afternoon (3-4pm block). For about the last month or so, any time we try to do the on-call pick up option, it only gives us a time frame of 9am-12pm, which really doesn't work for the store. I was informed by Shopify Support that UPS had updated their API, so that we only get one time block as opposed to several options, and that having multiple options was never intended. We don't use an integrated UPS account, but rather, Shopify Shipping. From what I (vaguely!) understand about APIs is that you still have to use the API/integration with Shopify Shipping in order to access UPS On-Call. 

So, at the end of the day, am I correct in understanding that the UPS API update affects EVERYONE, even those who use Shopify Shipping and not an integrated account?

Again, sorry if this is like... the most pathetic question ever. We are so stumped.

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Hey @townssc 

Not at all - makes total sense - welcome to the Shopify Community! Checking backstage here, it seems that UPS recently updated their Pickup API for some fixes. 

To answer your question - yes,  if UPS push a change to their Pickup API, then consumers of UPS's API (Shopify included) would all be affected by that change.

I note that we have been suggesting to merchants to schedule a pickup at the beginning of the day (at the time of their first label purchase) so they're not hitting the cut off time.

I can also advise that we're currently working with the UPS technical team to get this straightened out with them - hope that helps!

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