Urgent help with the Public App review process

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Hi all, I need urgent help with the review of my public app. We created an App that allows our users connect to their Shopify store and send automate messages to their clients when they have a new sale. The thing is this app will appear on the marketplace of my platform, not on Shopify, but although it is an unlisted public app (any store should be able to install it but not from Shopify) we need to go through the public app review that is made for listed apps.. We've been rejected two times already because we are missing this: "use OAuth to ask for scopes permissions immediately after merchants add your app". We do this but on our platform, merchants can't add our app on Shopify but there is no way to explain this nor to talk with any one related to the review! How can I solve this? We need this app ASAP but the communication with Shopify has been impossible. Thank you!

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Your request makes no sense. oAuth has nothing to do with your platform. I am sure Shopify could care a less about where you choose to list your App for use, but at the end of the day, that App if it is to interact with Shopify stores, has to do oAuth properly with Shopify.

If you explain how you are doing oAuth, perhaps the community could help you out.

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